Race the Wind

We ran together free and careless 

through fur and rush as though the same 

our youthful feet dancing on the bog 

as we tried to race the wind.

We feared not the darkest night 

as we called the call of men
Imposters not on this wilderness 

as we raced the wind again.

The two of us were six feet tall 

though we reached barely four 

although the ditches slowed us down 

we raced the wind once more.

We grew up to be different men

reminiscing upon fields of play

we always said we’d take the field

and catch the wind some day.

For now the age has caught me up 

as death took hold of you 

someday I’ll take upon the field 

and catch the wind for you.

Above: Original cover Race The Wind


Below: The new look cover. Art work by Michael Dobson.

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